About Investor IQ

Investor IQ is an online curriculum for very early stage investors. We designed this course to reflect everything we have learned from watching thousands of angel investors succeed and fail over the last 15 years. By investing in America's entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to fuel the entrepreneurial ecosystem and ultimately the economy. Investing in startups is very risky. A majority of startups do go out of business and investors will lose their hard earned money. However, this course has broken down the five questions that should ask yourself before making your first investment. 

  1. Should I invest in startups?
  2. How do I find the best companies to consider?
  3. What’s the right price to pay for my investment?
  4. How will my money be used?
  5. How do I get my money out?

We cannot guarantee that you will not lose your money. However, by understanding these preliminary questions, you have the ability to educate yourself on best investment practices. 

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